our mission is to become a well-known & trustworthy best-in-class infrastructure provider for the CARDANO network.

Welcome to forte Pool here is what we can offer.


We show our commitment to reliable pool operation & trust in the CARDANO Protocol by pledging a large amount of ADA to the Pool.


our infrastructure will grow with the pool, starting with a Cloud infrastructure we will later switch to a hybrid infrastructure (Cloud, Bare Metal & own Server in Data-center).


our fees will be structured in such a way that they transparently adapt to different influencing parameters like: Pool size, Server infrastructure, ADA price etc..

Hi my name is Sebastian, I am the Operator of FORTE Pool, a husband and family father of 2 kids. For the last 15 years my profession was working as a mechanical engineer. During that time I've been lucky to work for 2 leading companies in their industry. I've always been very curious about the future, maybe this is what drove me working mainly on advanced development & Research Projects. My last employment was at a company in the automotive industry where we developed steer by wire steering systems mainly required for autonomous vehicles.

I got first time curious about Blockchain in November 2018. After discovering CARDANO & performing Reserach on the project, it was very obvious for me that, this technology is very disruptive and has the potential to improve the Life of billions of people around the globe.

In January 2020, I started FORTE Pool & decided to commit 100% of my time to support CARDANO by providing reliable infrastructure for the community.

How to delegate to Forte Pool

1. Register to an exchange like coinbase or Kraken & buy some ADA.

2. Download and install YOROI (=light wallet) or Daedalus (=full node wallet).

3. Create a Wallet, and send funds from the exchange to one of your wallet address.

4. Select "stake pools" in Daedalus or "Delegate" in YOROI. Search for FORTE, select & delegate.

After first time delegating to a pool it takes up to 15-20 days until you receive your first rewards.
After this initial period rewards are paied out every 5 Days directly in your Wallet.
You can expect 3-5% annualized return on your investment.

You want to find out more, come & join our community!

I am always happy to answer your questions or just have a short chat with you.